Two Netflix stoner shows went up in smoke at Singapore’s request – Coconuts Singapore

Netflix said that it was forced to pull two drug-themed shows from Singapore last year by order of local media regulators. 

Long after two programs vanished from the streaming service’s domestic offerings, it disclosed yesterday that Cooked with Cannabis was removed in May and the documentary Have A Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics in August at the request of the government. 

“We offer creators the ability to reach audiences all around the world. However, our catalog varies from country to country, including for rights reasons (i.e., we don’t have the rights to show everything in every country where we operate),” Netflix said in an annual report of environmental and social disclosures. “In some cases, we’ve also been forced to remove specific titles or episodes of titles in specific countries due to government takedown demands.”

Singapore accounted for half of the four titles Netflix removed at the governments’ request last year. The other two – the film Cuties and an episode of Designated Survivor – were done so at the Turkish government’s behest. 

“In May 2020, we complied with a written demand from the Singapore Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) to remove the series Cooked with Cannabis in Singapore only,” it listed in the report detailing the company’s environmental efforts, governance practices and workforce diversity.

A similar entry was included for the August removal of the psychedelics documentary.

In its 23 years, Netflix has been censored nowhere more than Singapore, which accounted for seven of the 13 takedown notices it has disclosed in its history.

Weed shows – a platform staple – have been targeted before, with Cooking on High, The Legend of 420 and sitcom Disjointed were removed in 2018. In 2019, it was 1988 drama The Last Temptation of Christ, which is banned in Singapore. The Last Hangover, a comedy spoof in which Jesus’ last supper is given a The Hangover-esque plot, was pulled in early 2020.

The IMDA did not immediately respond to a message seeking comment. Under its censorship guidelines, films that show “detailed and instructive depictions of drug or psychoactive substance abuse” will not be given a rating also known as “refused classification.”

Both Netflix originals were removed within months of their release. Cooked with Cannabis, hosted by singer Kelis and American chef Leather Storrs, featured participants competing to make marijuana-infused dishes while Have a Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics recounted the wild drug trips of celebrities like rapper ASAP Rocky and Sting. 

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These Are The Judges For The 2021 Emerald Cup – Forbes

Despite a difficult year for the industry, this year’s Emerald Cup Contest and Awards Show has over 600 entries. In celebration, The Emerald Cup is launching its own TV channel on Social Club TV where viewers can watch some of that judging as it happens — complete with commentary.

The heavy load of judge’s table management is a full time job for Taylor Blake – daughter of EC founder Tim Blake – and competition director Victoria Shea, who manages an intricate (and apparently pandemic proof) supply chain network allowing judges to make their selections based on a specific criteria including the smell, taste, look, and the high. 

Here’s the official rundown of judges for this years competition along with the official bios of a few of the judges from The Emerald Cup directly.

B-Real of Cypress Hill aka “Dr. Greenthumbs”

With his work in the pioneering hip-hop group Cypress Hill, rapper B Real became something of a hip-hop legend for several reasons. Most immediately, his trademark rhyming style and a jazz singer’s skill at staying just behind DJ Muggs’ already sluggish beats, was one of the most instantly recognizable flows of the 1990s. Furthermore, B Real and his co-partners Sen Dog and DJ Muggs were the first Latino hip-hop stars, ushering in a richly varied subgenre of hip-hop that thrives to this day. Finally, Cypress Hill’s fervent proselytizing on the subject of marijuana legalization both brought the subject to its highest public awareness since the days of Cheech & Chong and paved the way for a generation of weed-happy fans to discover and identify with hip-hop to an even greater degree than before. As the founder of cannabis brand and dispensary chain Dr. Greenthumbs, an accomplished TV and podcast star and a continued advocate for cannabis rights, B Real is a powerful voice of the industry.

Roger Volodarsky, CEO of Puffco

It’s true that Roger Volodarsky initially founded Puffco – the industry’s premier vaporizer company – on a dare from a friend. An early adopter of cannabis concentrates and a serial entrepreneur, Roger quickly identified several gaps in the vaporizer marketplace – including a growing demand for well-designed devices – and set to work designing Puffco’s first product. With a hands-on approach to leadership, Roger immersed himself in all aspects of the vaporization marketplace, from the engineering challenges presented by the devices themselves through to the branding, marketing, and packaging of Puffco. In 2013, the company launched its first device, The Puffco Pro. Seven years later, the company has expanded their line of products – which now includes the award-winning Puffco Peak smart rig, the Puffco Plus vape pen, and the newest flagship device, the Peak Pro – as well as a line of accessories and apparel. Along the way, Puffco has garnered widespread critical acclaim, numerous awards and recognition as the obvious industry benchmark.


“As a relatively small company, we function like a startup, which gives us the freedom to continually disrupt the current marketplace by focusing on high-design engineering to create what we think are the most anticipated new vaporizers, and complementary accessories, on the market,” said Roger. His goal is to provide the highest quality and most memorable vaping experience for enjoyment of concentrates and oils. “We are the consumers we make our products for,” Roger explained. “So our goal is to develop products we wish existed instead of products we hope people will buy, which makes this such an exciting challenge.” 

Puffco aims to satisfy the needs and expectations not only of the true connoisseurs but also the next generation of concentrate enthusiasts.

Abdulluh Saeed, host of Great Moments in Weed History

Abdullah Saeed is a Pakistani-American writer, producer, reporter, host, and actor by way of Thailand who is currently based in Los Angeles. Abdullah created and produced several of Vice’s prominent cannabis properties, including the James Beard Award-nominated cooking show Bong Appetit (produced and hosted 16 web episodes and 30 TV episodes). He also hosted and produced the political road trip TV series Vice Does America, executive produced by Spike Jonze. Since 2012, he has written for Vice, Guardian, Atlantic, High Times, Complex, Mic, Village Voice, and others.

More recently, Abdullah was a recurring actor and writer on the hit HBO series High Maintenance. He’s currently writing a feature film for New Regency and Searchlight Pictures with High Maintenance co-creator and star Ben Sinclair. Abdullah is also an investigative reporter for Greater LA on KCRW, LA’s NPR station, for which he was a second-place finalist in the 2019 Associated Press Television and Radio Association broadcast contest.

A full list of The Emerald Cup Judges:Flower Judges Panel:

  • B-Real, Artist, Cypress Hill
  • Nikki and Swami, Swami Select
  • Alec Dixon, SC Labs
  • Josh Wurzer, SC Labs
  • Eric Brandstad, GH Advisory
  • Matty Chiu, Continuum (RvR)
  • Matthieu St. Germain, Sonoma Pacific
  • Joe Sullivan, Mercy Wellness
  • Jessica Hwang, Frosty
  • Zach Mullins, Field Extracts
  • Aaron Silverman, CCTV
  • Chang Weisberg, Guerilla Union
  • Justin Shivley, New Generation
  • Reese Benton, Posh Green Collective
  • Josh Priebe, JustLive CBD, SK8MAFIA
  • Dave Beinenstalk, Great Moments in Weed History
  • Guy Rocourt, Papa & Barkley

Solvent-Less Concentrates Judges Panel:

  • Nick Tanem, Essential extracts
  • Tony Pitts, HoneySuckle Lotus
  • Jimi Devine, LA WEEKLY
  • Dorian Schraner, Beezle
  • Ashley Gaertig, Ice Out Extract
  • Flora, Cuban Hash Queen
  • Roger Volodarsky, Puffco
  • Maya Elisabeth, OM

Cartridges Judges Panel:

  • Nicole Powell, Head of Procurement & Logistics
  • Etienne Fontain, Berkeley Patients Group
  • Amit “Bamboo” Vachher-Gnanathurai, Coastal Seeds
  • Arian Roman, Alysida Health, KQ, MCANNA
  • Eliza Maroney, Lucky Box
  • El Rock, Phinest Cannabis
  • Dr. Del Potter, Leef Holdings, ZBN Research
  • David Hua, Meadow

Hydrocarbon Judges Panel:

  • Kitt Hall, Trove/Legends Exotics
  • Ted Lidie, Alien Labs
  • Kevin Chapman, Puffco
  • Todd McCormick, AG Seed Co
  • April Black, Higher Way Travel
  • Bobby Black, CA Leaf Magazine
  • DJ Pooh, Artist, DJ
  • Brian Malin, Vital Garden Supply
  • Dani Walton, Nxt. LVL
  • David Angular, Loaded
  • Abdullah Saeed, Great Moments in Weed
  • CBD Judges Panel:Jazz Dixon
  • Tawnie Logan
  • Sue Summerford
  • Fred Gardner, Oshaunasy’s
  • Tanama Varas
  • Gannon Castner, Space Coyote
  • Dale Sky Jones, Oaksterdam
  • Chelsea Lucich, Solful
  • Topicals Judges Panel:Bridget Brandstad
  • Aaron Scarbourough, New Tropic
  • Laniakea Evens, 365 Recreational
  • Monique Tejasri, Flow Kana
  • Jamie Loeb, Nederlander
  • Salwa Ibrahim, MKSI Investments, Cookies Oakland
  • Chris Muffoletto, Rosette
  • Tincture Judges Panel:
  • Ray Arias, Karma Stoned
  • Amanda Reiman, Flow Kana
  • Alicia Rose
  • Heather Burke, Attorney
  • Julie Chiariello, Skunk Magazine
  • Lyric Harris
  • Edibles Judges Panel:
  • Keiko Beatie, Edibles Magazine
  • Elise McRoberts, Doc Greens
  • Nick Torres, Beezle
  • Lisa Clamp, Product Maker
  • Manndie Tingler, Delivery Service
  • Krystal Fortman, Herb and Market
  • Jamie King & Diana Schraner, Red Door

Early Morning Survey: Legal Weed in Virginia This Summer season? – ARLnow

Gov. Ralph Northam introduced today

a proposition to go up the legalisation of cannabis in Virginia to this summer season. A legalisation expense promoted by state Sen. Adam Ebbin (D), that stands for component of Arlington, passed the General Setting up previously this year. It called for legalisation of leisure cannabis belongings as well as growing on Jan. 1, 2024.

Northam is sending out the expense back to the state legislature to take into consideration a July 1, 2021 execution.

“Guv Ralph Northam today recommended going up the legalisation of basic belongings of cannabis to July 1, 2021, almost 3 years faster than formerly intended,” stated a news release. “The Guv additionally introduced he is recommending modifications that progress public wellness defenses, established clear assumptions for labor securities in the marijuana sector, as well as start to secure rap sheets [of previous cannabis sentences] instantly.”

Ebbin informed information electrical outlets he assumes the sped-up timeline will certainly be authorized.

“My associates as well as I functioned very closely with Guv Northam to guarantee this costs focuses on public wellness and also social equity,” Ebbin stated in a news release from the guv’s workplace. “I expect embracing these changes and also passing this essential regulations right into legislation.”

While small cannabis property was legalized in Virginia in 2015, Northam claimed those dealing with penalties under the brand-new law are overmuch Black.

“Virginia’s areas of shade are worthy of equity– which indicates acting currently to finish the out of proportion penalties, apprehensions, as well as sentences of cannabis offenses,” Lieutenant Guv Justin Fairfax stated in journalism launch.

The expense enables individuals 21 and also over to “lawfully have approximately one ounce of marijuana, without intent to disperse,” as well as will certainly likewise “permit houses to mature to 4 plants … unseen from public sight, as well as out of variety of people under the age of 21.”

Smoking cannabis while driving and also belongings of it on college premises will certainly continue to be prohibited.

Previous ARLnow surveys disclosed solid regional assistance for cannabis decriminalization. When Ebbin suggested it in 2016, virtually 80% of survey participants claimed they sustained decriminalization. In 2019, when then-candidate Parisa Dehghani-Tafti promised not to prosecute easy cannabis belongings costs as Republic’s Lawyer, greater than 75% of survey participants claimed they sustained that.

Legalisation certainly surpasses decriminalization, nonetheless, as well as there are some that think the threats connected with cannabis usage ask for something much less than complete legalisation. There are likewise some that believe Virginia ought to take even more time to legislate weed, in order to permit an extra organized facility of a statewide cannabis market.

Still, Northam’s modifications to the legalisation costs supposedly have assistance on both sides of the aisle as well as are anticipated to pass

What do you believe?

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Image by Roberto Valdivia/Unsplash


Evanston reparations are ‘incremental step forward,’ there’s a need for federal reparations: convener – Yahoo Finance

Regulators in DC are starting to feel the pressure to address the fallout from Archegos Capital, the faltering family firm that could inflict up to $10 billion in losses on some of the world’s largest banks.

“We need transparency and strong oversight to ensure that the next hedge fund blowup doesn’t take the economy down with it,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) said in a statement provided to Yahoo Finance. Warren called on regulators to increase scrutiny on hedge funds and derivatives, among other things.

Bloomberg reported that the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority phoned banks on Monday to learn more about the abrupt liquidation of over $20 billion in stocks linked to Archegos.

The episode raises questions about regulation of large investment firms managing family wealth, in addition to disclosure requirements surrounding derivative products like total return swaps and contracts-for-difference.

“I don’t think either of those issues would have been on Washington’s to-do list without the market turmoil caused by this incident,” Compass Point analyst Isaac Boltansky told Yahoo Finance.

Although Nomura disclosed that it could be impacted by as much as $2 billion, Credit Suisse has yet to quantify the hit it expects to take.

JPMorgan’s global investment banks team now projects industry-wide losses in the range of $5 billion to $10 billion, significantly more than its initial estimate of $2.5 billion to $5 billion.

“We are still puzzled why [Credit Suisse] and Nomura have been unable to unwind all their positions at this point,” the JPMorgan analysts wrote Tuesday.

Disclosure of stock holdings

Bad bets at Archegos pushed lenders to initiate a margin call, in which the borrower is asked to put up more cash or collateral to cover its losses.

Steep sell-offs late last week in Archegos-linked stocks like ViacomCBS (VIAC), Discovery Inc. (DISCA), and Baidu (9888.HK) suggested that a fire sale was happening.

It wasn’t until when Credit Suisse and Nomura disclosed over the weekend the possibility of sustaining material losses in its relationship with the hedge fund, which was later identified as Archegos.

One challenge for regulators is the obscurity by which Bill Hwang, a former equity analyst at Tiger Management who founded Archegos, was able to amass leveraged positions in those stocks.

Investors owning more than 5% in a U.S-listed company must disclose those holdings, per Section 13 of the Securities Exchange Act.

But Archegos took on total return swaps that entitled the fund to the earnings of its targeted stocks without actually owning the stocks themselves. The fund also may have used contracts-for-difference, a type of short-term derivative that allows traders to bet on the entry and closing prices of a given stock.

But because both derivatives do not involve actually owning the shares themselves, Archegos was not required to disclose those positions. In other words, Hwang was able to build a highly leveraged position (which JPMorgan estimates to be about 5 to 8 times) with little detection.

‘Gamification’ of markets

Former SEC lawyer Tyler Gellasch is advocating for fixing Section 13 to include equity derivatives and short positions.

The public interest in the Archegos episode could spur policymakers to look into even broader reform. Raymond James’ Ed Mills and Michael Rose argue that the Democratic-led Congress may see a bolstered case for a financial transaction tax.

“The forced deleveraging of Archego will keep the ‘gamification’ of markets a continued focus of Congress and federal financial regulators,” Raymond James wrote Monday.

The Financial Stability Oversight Council, a cohort of eight federal regulators and three state regulators among its members, could take up the issue in a meeting scheduled for Wednesday.

Brian Cheung is a reporter covering the Fed, economics, and banking for Yahoo Finance. You can follow him on Twitter @bcheungz.

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Cannabis Certificate Candidate Program Solvent-Free Food Selection – Arkansas Service Online

We were incapable to send out the short article.

David Owen, founder of Ouachita Farms near Hot Springs Town, is ecstatic yet a little annoyed.

His application for a state certificate to procedure medical marijuana was to precede the Arkansas Medical Cannabis Payment on Monday, yet he heard late recently that the payment conference had actually been postponed till April 19 in Little Rock.

“We have actually been awaiting this certificate a long period of time, so we despised to see the hold-up,” Owen informed Arkansas Company by telephone. “We anticipated licenses to be offered this time around in 2014.”

Rather, the state started approving applications for third-party cannabis handling as well as transportation licenses in very early February.

Ouachita Farms, which for 2 years has actually remained in a various sort of marijuana service– refining and also expanding hemp and also labeling seeds– is just one of 2 cpus up for licensing following month. The various other is Dark Equine Medicinals of Little Rock, which has actually had hemp handling procedures in Stuttgart given that hemp was legislated across the country by the 2018 ranch expense.

The state has actually approved just one handling certificate until now, and also had not gotten any kind of applications for transportation licenses since recently.

Shake Removals LLC of Johnson, which obtained the state’s very first handling certificate in very early March, has actually been branding as well as making chemical-free CBD items for greater than a year, COO Julie Brents stated.

Owen, that began Ouachita Farms with his bros Jeff, Marc as well as Mitchell, in addition to Cesar Mendoza, stated the business is committed to creating all its cannabis items without utilizing solvents. Ouachita Farms’ removal of full-spectrum hemp items has actually never ever relied upon solvents, Owen stated, which plan will certainly proceed as it refines cannabis.

That is, naturally, if the firm is provided a permit, which shows up most likely yet isn’t assured.

“The majority of firms in this market beginning with a solvent like ethanol or gas, yet we utilize just warm and also water, stress and also ice,” Owen claimed. “As well as if you’ll search in any type of well-known as well as created marijuana market, you’ll see that items made with these techniques climb to the top of the costs market.”

Products like real-time rosin and also bubble hash have actually made appreciation from marijuana clients due to the fact that they are complete and also chemical-free range, he claimed.

The items “command larger costs as a result of the top quality as well as effort and time associated with developing them,” he claimed. “It’s not as effective as utilizing the solvents frequently made use of in sector, however marijuana customers often tend to be familiar with what’s entering into their bodies. They understand that if the items made with solvent usage aren’t removed properly, there will certainly be a danger of recurring solvents in the end product.”

Owen claimed he has 20 staff members currently, and also forecasts that the medical cannabis side of the procedure, which will certainly be literally distanced from the hemp procedure, will certainly call for 30 extra employees.

“Much of the devices for the procedure coincides, yet we’ll remain in a totally various structure,” Owen claimed.

He intends to begin refining cannabis in the summertime, permit timing allowing, and also to get cannabis for handling from the state’s farmers and also dispensary expand procedures.

“We’ll need to be innovative in obtaining the product till there are much more growers on the market,” Owen stated, keeping in mind that the state has actually certified 3 added farming business to sign up with the state’s initial 5 growing licensees.

“Now they can not also create adequate cannabis item for the marketplace generally, so in dispensaries you’ll see that focuses have actually dropped by the wayside. It’s coming, however it will certainly take some time.”

Owen stated that unique collaborations may be most likely for expand dispensaries that would certainly supply marijuana for handling under an offer that would certainly provide special branding on the essence items.

“We’re anticipating discovering opportunities with every one of the firms in the Arkansas market,” he claimed.


Arizona’s COPIA Makes a Pivot to Gummies, Sees Success – Phoenix Az New Times


Maintain New Times Free

I Assistance

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  • Journalism
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Assistance the independent voice of Phoenix az and also aid maintain the future of New Times totally free.

Till a couple of years earlier, the individuals at COPIA were making as well as marketing all sort of small-batch marijuana edibles: cookies, brownies, tough sweets. The Tucson-based company– previously called Cornucopia and also established in 2013 by Peggy Noonan, a long time Arizona cannabis supporter– partnered with The Prime Fallen leave to end up being the initial scratch-made, handmade marijuana cooking area in the state.

In January 2019, COPIA began creating a line of made-to-order medicated gummies called OGeez!

Need rose nearly quickly.

Aron Ruben, basic supervisor of procedures for COPIA, claims the success of OGeez! triggered the firm to reassess its method. To think about, as Ruben places it, “whether we wished to do a great deal of various points at a smaller sized range or concentrate on one truly extraordinary product that was really special to the marketplace.”

COPIA selected the last, dropping the baked products and also concentrating on OGeez!

Ruben reports that sales have actually risen greater than 4,000 percent in both years considering that the intro of OGeez!– a reality that will certainly come as little shock to clients accustomed to seeing the gummies snagged off the racks quickly after they reach dispensaries.

OGeez! gummies are available in 5 various tastes: orange creamsicle, exotic, blackberries & & lotion, watermelon with chia seeds, as well as raspberry orange (raspberry orange is readily available in both all THC as well as 1:1 THC/CBD ranges.) The firm likewise uses all tastes in both indica as well as sativa choices with does of 100 mg, 200 mg, or 300 mg overall per pack of gummies (10 gummies per pack). As well as the items are full-panel laboratory examined not simply for tidiness as well as high quality, however cannabinoid as well as terpene degrees, as well– something not all marijuana business do.

“We make it all generated to get, so when a dispensary obtains a shipment from us it’s the best feasible item they can obtain,” Ruben states. “Quality requires time.”

Last June, COPIA got KIND Focuses, which creates both KIND material cartridges and also Dessert Karts seasoned distillate cartridges (the latter are instilled with fruit as well as herb terpenes). KIND material cartridges presently can be found in 12 pressures as well as Sugary food Karts is available in lots of tastes like apple pie, blueberry pie and also rocket pop. Under KIND Focuses they likewise create Tommy Chong’s pre-roll packs as well as his 300 mg non reusable vape pens.

COPIA does not presently create baked products or various other items outside of OGeez! and also KIND, it appears to have actually discovered its location in Arizona’s cannabis market. In between OGeez! as well as K.I.N.D. Focuses, Ruben approximates 80-90 percent of dispensaries throughout Arizona bring COPIA items, consisting of Müv, Nature’s Medicines, Curaleaf, Blossom, The Blossom Store, Herbal Health Facility, The Mint Dispensaries, as well as Harvest.

The firm’s team is currently at almost 50 workers, up from just around 10 in 2019. Ruben states in the temporary they would love to obtain OGeez! right into brand-new states. Longer-term? “End up being the top gummy in the nation.”

“Eventually we’re attempting to reach a factor where we can run 24-hour a day, 7 days a week to stay up to date with the need,” Ruben states, including: “We require a larger kitchen area.”

Maintain Phoenix Az New Times Free … Because we began Phoenix az New Times, it has actually been specified as the cost-free, independent voice of Phoenix az, as well as we wish to maintain it in this way. Using our visitors open door to terse insurance coverage of regional information, food and also society. Making tales on every little thing from political detractions to the best brand-new bands, with gutsy coverage, trendy writing, and also staffers that have actually won every little thing from the Culture of Expert Reporters’ Sigma Delta Chi feature-writing honor to the Casey Medal for Meritorious Journalism. With neighborhood journalism’s presence under siege as well as marketing profits troubles having a bigger effect, it is crucial currently even more than ever before for us to rally assistance behind moneying our neighborhood journalism. You can aid by taking part in our “I Assistance” subscription program, enabling us to maintain covering Phoenix metro without paywalls.


Mafia fugitive found after posting cooking videos on YouTube – Yahoo News

The Telegraph

UK ‘puts lives at risk’ by cutting aid to Syria by third

The UK cut humanitarian funding to Syria by nearly a third at a major United Nations donor conference on Tuesday, a reduction which aid agencies working in the conflict-wracked country said “will put lives at risk”. Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab promised at least £205 million in aid during an international conference on supporting Syria hosted by Brussels. Last year the UK pledged £300m and in 2019 it gave £400m. After 10 years of war, Syria’s humanitarian needs have never been greater, according to the United Nations, which is seeking a record $10 billion this year to help 12.3 million people in Syria and another 5.6 million Syrian refugees in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, and Egypt. Germany led pledges at the two-day video conference by promising a record 1.74 billion euros, while the United States pledged $600 million and France promised 560 million euros. Qatar said it would contribute $100 million. “The Syrian tragedy must not last another 10 years. Ending it begins by restoring hope. It begins with our commitments – here, today,” German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said. Addressing the conference, Mr Raab said that the UK had given £3.5bn to help Syrians since 2012. The UK’s reduction was not as great as some aid organisations had feared but came despite direct pleas from the United Nations not to cut assistance to Syria. “A decision to turn away from Syria today will come back to bite us all tomorrow,” the United Nations aid chief Mark Lowcock told the Guardian last week. “In 2014 our appeal was poorly funded. In 2015 there was a huge exodus of people from Syria to Europe.” On Monday, Mr Mark Lowcock told the Security council that the consequences of reduced aid “could be dramatic and widespread.” The need for aid has increased amid the coronavirus pandemic and the collapsing value of the Syrian pound, the UN said. Conditions are deteriorating for Syrians, according to United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. “More than 13 million people need humanitarian assistance to survive this year,” he said. “That’s over 20 percent more than last year, and the majority of the population is now facing hunger.” The decision to slash the aid budget to Syria by a third will put lives at risk, according to a joint statement by nine major NGOs working in Syria, including the International Rescue Committee, Mercy Corps, the Norwegian Refugee Council, Action Against Hunger UK, Care International UK, Islamic Relief UK, Christian Aid, Syria Relief and CAFOD. “This decision risks the lives of 210,000 Syrians who rely on UK aid for food every month, as well as the 100,000 Syrian refugees in the region who depend on UK aid for clean water and sanitation,” the statement said. Already over 90 percent of Syrians are living in poverty, 12.4 million are suffering from food insecurity, and 12.2 million lack regular access to clean water. Responding to the UK reduction in funding, some aid agencies complained that they were unable to plan programming without concrete forewarning of the aid cuts, which come a month before the start of the new financial year. “Taxpayers have a right to know where their money is going and currently these decisions are subject to little or no scrutiny,” said Jean-Michel Grand, executive director of Action Against Hunger UK. In November, Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced a £5bn cut to aid – from 0.7 per cent of gross national income to 0.5 per cent – saying that at a time of “unprecedented crisis the government must make tough choices”. “This cut is yet another reminder of the catastrophic consequences of the Government’s decision to break its promise to maintain the aid budget at 0.7 percent of national income and they must urgently rethink this approach,” said Kevin Watkins, CEO of Save the Children UK.


Netflix removes two drug-related titles at IMDA’s request – The Straits Times

SINGAPORE – Streaming service Netflix took down two titles related to recreational drug usage from its Singapore slate at the request of the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA).

In its annual Environmental Social Governance Report, the streaming giant said that it removed cooking series Cooked With Cannabis and the film Have A Good Trip: Adventures In Psychedelics in May and August last year respectively.

Cooked With Cannabis (2020) is a competitive cooking show where contestants have to come up with cannabis-infused meals. The possession, consumption and trafficking of cannabis, also known as marijuana, is illegal in Singapore.

IMDA says on its online Films Classification Database that the series “portrays the use of cannabis as an ingredient in food to be acceptable, appealing and safe if dosed appropriately”. 

According to movie database IMDB, Have A Good Trip: Adventures In Psychedelics (2020) is a comedic documentary about the “pros, cons, science, history, future, pop cultural impact, and cosmic possibilities of hallucinogens”. It stars celebrities like Nick Offerman (Parks And Recreation, 2009 to 2015) and singer Sting.

Hallucinogens such as lysergide (LSD) are also illegal in Singapore.

IMDA says Have A Good Trip “promotes the consumption of psychedelics drugs with tips and advice on how one can minimise the chances of running into psychosis while on the drug”. 

The Film Classification Guidelines state that “any material that promotes drug or psychoactive substance abuse, or includes detailed and instructive depictions of drug use or psychoactive substance abuse will be refused classification”.

As Netflix’s library is tied to its geographical location, the titles were made unavailable only in Singapore.

Since Netflix launched, it has removed only 13 titles from its content library following requests from governmental authorities. Of these 13 titles, seven were removed at Singapore’s request – making Singapore the most restrictive market for Netflix.

Five of these titles were related to drug use. The remaining two are American auteur Martin Scorsese’s religious drama The Last Temptation Of Christ (1988), which is banned in Singapore, and Brazilian comedy The Last Hangover (2018), a drunken parody of the biblical story of the last supper.


Netflix removed psychedelics & marijuana-themed content in S’pore after written demand from IMDA –

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Netflix has removed a series and a film with drug-related content from its Singapore services.

Written demand from IMDA

According to Netflix’s latest Environmental Social Governance Report for 2020 (PDF file), the streaming service complied with a written demand from Singapore’s Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) to remove the series “Cooked with Cannabis” in May 2020.

“Cooked with Cannabis” is a cooking show where chefs compete to create marijuana-infused dishes.

In August 2020, Netflix once again complied with a written demand from IMDA to remove the film “Have A Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics”.

“Have A Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics” is a documentary featuring celebrities who recount their experiences using hallucinogenic drugs.

Other programmes removed in Singapore

This is not the first time Netflix has had to take down programmes in Singapore.

In 2018, Netflix complied with a demand by IMDA to remove “Cooking on High”, “The Legend of 420”, and “Disjointed” for drug-related content.

In 2019, Netflix took down Martin Scorsese’s film “The Last Temptation of Christ”. This film is also banned in Singapore.

In 2020, Netflix removed “The Last Hangover”, which is a biblical parody of the film “The Hangover”.

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Top image from Netflix & IMDb.


“We’re Turning around 90 Years Of Restriction”: New York City State Legalizes Cannabis – Gothamist

On Tuesday evening, New york city went from being the cannabis apprehension funding of the globe to passing among one of the most modern legalized marijuana regulations in the nation. Update: Guv Andrew Cuomo authorized the costs on Wednesday early morning [even more information listed below]

As anticipated, the State Setting up and also the State Us senate both extremely passed the Cannabis Guideline & & Taxes Act, which allows grownups 21 as well as over to acquire cannabis as well as expand the plant in their residence. The regulations’s 2 primary enrollers, Assemblymember Crystal Peoples-Stokes as well as Legislator Liz Krueger, had actually defended the expense’s flow for greater than 7 years. Guv Andrew Cuomo, that had actually continuously attempted to enforce his very own legalisation strategy on the regulations, accepted authorize the MRTA recently, as he remains to control in the middle of numerous detractions as well as examinations.

” The costs we have actually claimed in this state will certainly produce a nation-leading version for legalisation,” Krueger stated prior to casting her ballot. “New york city’s program will certainly not simply speak the talk on racial justice, it will certainly stroll the stroll.”

The MRTA guides 40% of marijuana profits to education and learning, 40% to neighborhood reinvestment gives for areas damaged by cannabis restriction, and also 20% to medicine therapy as well as public education and learning programs. Cannabis apprehensions and also sentences legislated under the regulation will certainly be removed, as well as police will certainly not have the ability to make use of the smell of cannabis as a pretense for a search. New Yorkers presently operating in the unlawful market will certainly have a chance to get among 10 various licenses to operate in the brand-new marijuana economic situation, which is forecasted to generate $350 million in tax obligations annually along with develop 30,000 to 60,000 tasks statewide.

” Unlike any kind of various other state in this country, this regulations is deliberately regarding equity,” Peoples-Stokes informed her colleagues.The regulation will certainly take

impact promptly after the guv indicators it, yet it might take several months prior to New Yorkers see the very first lawful sales of cannabis, as the licenses are released as well as the system is established.

State Senator Liz Krueger, the main sponsor of the MRTA in the Senate, elbow bumps State Senator Jamaal Bailey, of the Bronx, after the bill passed.

< number function=<br /> </span></p> <p> <span> “team” id= “ember74669251″ course =” o-figure ember-view” readability =” 3.5″ >< img src="×563/" itemprop =" photo" alt =" State Legislator Liz Krueger, the primary enroller of the MRTA in the Us senate, elbow joint bumps State Legislator Jamaal Bailey, of the Bronx, after the costs </span> <span class="o-credit"> passed.” size=” 864″ elevation=” 563″ >< figcaption id</figure> <p>=” ember74669254″ course= “o-caption ember-view” readability= “7” > arrowhead State Legislator Liz Krueger, the primary enroller of the MRTA in the Us senate, arm joint bumps State Legislator Jamaal Bailey, of the Bronx, after the costs passed. Hans Pennink/AP/Shutterstock Over the very early 2000s as well as late ’90s, 800,000 New Yorkers were detained</a> or ticketed for cannabis, <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">greater than anywhere else worldwide</a>, although that the legislature <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">legalized percentages of marijuana</a> in the late ’70s; around 85% of those jailed were Black or Latino.During the flooring arguments, state legislators continuously conjured up these racial variations in medication enforcement as the primary factor for legislating cannabis.” We are apprehended 3.73 even more times than</p> <p>white individuals for simply having the plant in our belongings,” stated Bronx Assemblymember Chantal Jackson.” These apprehensions are racially targeted. And also I wish my coworkers recognize when I claim, that leading with the suggestion of the grown-up use cannabis as an income raiser, it stinks, as well as it’s downright incorrect as well as it’s a spit despite all the black bodies this country and also this state that have actually been apprehended for this plant. “Krueger kept in mind that she last smoked cannabis when she was 19 years of ages, at a testing of Rocky Scary Photo Program in Chicago.” No person attempted to place me behind bars, due to the fact that I was this wonderful white woman,” Krueger said.Republicans shared their annoyance with the expense on the floorings of both chambers. “My member of the family have actually undergone medication dependency,” claimed Long Island Legislator Mario Mattera.” It went from cannabis, to Adderall, to drug, to acid … This is major, this is a portal for our kids’s troubles.</p> <p>” Legislator George Borrello, whose area rests right listed below Buffalo, firmly insisted that the MRTA will certainly set you back “countless lives.” Republican politicians additionally mentioned that authorities might not have the ability to inform if a vehicle driver is intoxicated from making use of marijuana, though</p> <p>the expense requires medicine acknowledgment training as well as research study for a tool that can find cannabis drunkenness throughout a roadside stop.The Us senate passed the expense 40-23, while it removed the Setting up 100-49. The MRTA develops a Workplace of Marijuana Administration, whose agents will certainly be designated by the legislature as well as the guv. They will certainly manage licensing for dispensaries, cultivators, dealers, and also “usage websites,” with the objective of providing half those licenses to individuals that have actually been adversely affected by restriction. New Yorkers will certainly have the ability to mature to 6 plants each, according to the brand-new rules.In casting her ballot, Assemblymember Peoples-Stokes kept in mind that” the last time New york city state did anything similar to this, is when we were eliminating the restriction from alcohol, in 1933.” Peoples-Stokes included,” We’re turning around 90 years of restriction. “Update, March 31, 2021: In a news release, the guv’s</p> <p>workplace launched that Cuomo authorized the regulations. In a declaration, he stated,” This is a historical day in New york city -one that civil liberties the misdoings of the past by placing an end to severe jail sentences, welcomes a market that will certainly expand the Realm State’s economic climate, and also focuses on</p> <p><b>marginalized areas so those that have actually experienced one of the most will certainly be the very first to profit. “” This regulation is a memorable initial step in resolving the racial variations brought on by the battle on medications that has actually tormented our state for as well lengthy. This initiative was years planned and also we have actually ultimately accomplished what numerous idea was difficult, an expense that legislates cannabis while defending social equity, improving education and learning and also securing public security,</p> <p>” stated Us senate Bulk Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins.” I praise Legislator Liz Krueger and also Setting Up Bulk Leader Crystal Peoples-Stokes for their dedication and also management on this problem.”” My associates as well as I recognized it was essential to do this properly– in a manner that would certainly consist of those targeted and also often left out from the procedure,” stated Setting up Audio speaker Carl Heastie.” Currently, this lawful market will certainly develop work throughout our state, consisting of for those that have actually had their lives overthrown by years of unjustified medication regulations.” </p> </div><!-- .entry-content --> </div><!-- .post-inner --> <div class="section-inner"> </div><!-- 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